Effects of Video Games by Yu

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Gaming started in the ancient days when the ancestors could hold events, which included rope jumping, wrestling, boxing among others. Today, technological advancements have made it easy to play games on computers and other electronic devices such as mobile phones. Video games cover a wider field than physical games. The article gives the various examples and the description of the impacts of video games to the pop culture.

Video games entail many activities that take place in today’s world. Therefore, playing video games may evoke commonalities of different forms and various experiences. The society views video games as a great media monster other than a separate media that may also have positive effects. Examples of the commonly played games include League of Legends, Minecraft, a world of Warcraft, Dota, and over watch.

Playing these games has various benefits to both the players and the society in a wider perspective. In the case of the league of legends, one gets the conviction of becoming a better person after winning the competitive game. Therefore, it is proof that video games help to build on one’s confidence. Additionally, these games equip one with the problem-solving skills, which is an element that may help to create a prosperous society (Granic, Lobel & Engels, 2014).

Video games also give the players the courage to take risks. For one to win a game there must be the willingness to risk and games like league of legends only reward those who do not play safely. Risk taking attitude can help prepare great entrepreneurs who may build the society economically. According to research from different schools, there was a revelation that pupils and student who play video games have a high level of concentration in their class work.(Granic, Lobel & Engels, 2014). When playing the games, one has to be keen and focus on winning hence, boosting the concentration level.

When playing league of legends, one has to make quick decisions to win. A study held in 2011 revealed that twenty-five percent of the league of legends addicts developed a high speed in making decisions in their daily lives after introducing themselves to the game. It is an essential aspect that can help in the growth and development of society (Boot, Blakely & Simons, 2011). Consequently, playing video games helps in expanding the offline social lives since the youths who take time playing also get the time to discuss these games and hence make friends. Kids and the teenagers are the common addicts of video games and the benefits they get from these games can bring change to the whole community.

Despite the benefits video games, there is also the dark side of it. Most of these games are violent, which can poison the minds of the addicts. It can lead to the creation of a violent community. Additionally, the video games discourage physical exercises, resulting in diseases caused by lack of exercises such as obesity (Greenfield, 2014).

Due to the many benefits of playing video games, the society should not discourage this practice but instead, find ways of reducing the negative impacts it may cause to the community. Parents should monitor their kids when playing these games just as they administer television watching. Also, the addicts should be made aware of the health effects of video games and encouraged to balance video games and physical exercises for healthy living.


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