Media Outlets and Forced Perspectives by Megan

The media coverage stations have a huge influence on the public’s reactions, and with this most recent election and events that started appearing on the news especially this last year with the protests on a wide variety of topics that have been gaining more and more attention on our newsfeeds with Facebook Live, and the Top Trending hashtags on Twitter, thisis becoming more and more obvious and alarming.canadian-prime-ministers-office-asks-fox-news-to-retract-misleading-tweet-about-quebec-mosque-shooting

My family has not had cable or TV channels on our TV since wemoved down to Medford four years ago, we just use it for Netflix and video games. When I go onto Facebook or I hang out with my friends and they say “Oh my gosh, did you hear about what happened yesterday?” After hearing about any incident that has made the news, I watch the news reports of what happened first, and see what they have to say. Then from there I do investigating of my own by reading different articles from online newspapers and see what they have to say. Only after I have seen different videos and read a variety of different articles will I watch the footage on Youtube. Upon watching the different videos I often see and hear information that was left out of the news reports and news articles. I have always found this slightly infuriating and curious at the same time. If they’re supposed to report the news to us, why is it that they don’t give us the full story?

I do not watch the news regularly as I stated, but this has been something that I have noticed has been this pattern of the stories that get out not having all of the information. I could understand if a shooting just happened that the hosts say “we are continuing to get updates as time goes on,” which they do, but when they report this story that happened the day/night before and they do not provide context, nor the statements of “this is just what we have been told so far, there could be more information that we do not have yet,” but so far I have yet to see much of that.

Another thing about news reporting that I have noticed from the little that I have seen is that when there is a group of news reporters all having a conversation about an event together. The topic is actually discussed and sometimes interesting points are brought in which I appreciate. The potential problem with the groups is what also makes the segment of time so great; it’s unscripted. While getting the opinions of the news anchors is helpful, sometimes what they say in reaction is just as shocking as what has taken place.

Another example of something that I have found slightly disturbing has been that when the report of the Quebec Mosque shooting happened, many of the news reports said that it was a Moroccan man that was the shooter, and when it was discovered that he was actually a French-Canadian, the articles that had been initially written and posted that included the false statements remained on the site after it was discovered that the information had been false for some time. Another example would be how it was stated by Trump’s press secretary blatantly lied about the turn out to the inauguration; it was quickly announced all over Facebook of course that it was an inaccurate statement with the photos from Obama’s inauguration compared to Trump’s to prove it. An example from a few years back that was pulled as a prank was when the news reporter was given false names to read out while talking about the plane crash of flight 214. The four names supposedly being given were “Captain Sum Ting Wong, Wi Tu Lo, Ho Lee Fuk, and Bang Ding Ow. I understand that this information was provided by someone who was inside the news crew, but the fact that this was not caught before she started to talk about it while on Live news seems a little surprising. One would think that something like that would have been caught and double checked before letting her announce it. I understand the need to provide information as soon as it comes in, but is information not verified before being aired?

These details are the ones that makes me wonder exactly how much is wrong with our media system, and I would love to get some more insight and hear other’s opinions on what they see in/with our media outlets, see if they have any issues with them as I do. Part of the reason I dislike the news stations and reports are because I can never tell if the news being reported is fake or not. I will take the event seriously, but I refuse to listen to the details because I can’t say if that’s the truth or not. I refuse to go around spouting what they have said if I am not 100% positive of the details. I am always one to ask where people got their information if they are telling me about an event that happened, and I would be curious to know if anyone else does, or perhaps to discuss the importance of it. It is always necessary to talk about what is going on in our world, but it should be accurate information that we are given or to use a harsher word, “fed.”


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