Obsession with celebrity by Panicha



I chose my topic about an obsession that young people have with celebrities. In other word, this is known as Celebrity worship syndrome. It is an obsessive addictive disorder in which a person becomes overly involved with the details of a celebrity life. Many people are obsessed over popular culture factors, such as films, magazines, or fashion trends. This can be very unhealthy for young people who try to imitate their favorite celebrities or pop stars. However, I did not want to attack any of them in personal. Those who do good things and give back to the community should be the ones that we should look up to. On the other hand, those who did not do as good as others, or have bad reputations should be more concerned.

First, I think some celebrities can have very strong influence to many young teenagers these day. For example, Kylie Jenner and her makeup style. I did not say that she is doing bad things or her makeup is not pretty. But she has influenced many young people to do what she does and this is not very good to hear about. Many teenagers are trying to become like Kylie Jenner, and they are losing the identity in themselves. We must admit that the strong use of social media plays an important role in spreading this type of obsession as well. The influences that celebrities have on young people can have huge impact in their actions or lives.

Second, most celebrities serve as both an object of disgust, which some people might see and dislike them, and also of worship, for those who are obsessed with them. Therefore, these celebrities represent what we strive to be and yet what we dislike most about ourselves and by our society. I could say some of them set the wrong standard of beauty or achievement for many of us. They encourage young children to be “beautiful” in the wrong way. In addition, they have created a new standard or a trend that affects many young children. However, many people still worship them and still imitate what they do or what they wear.  I think the majority of people who imitate their favorite celebrities are people of young age rather than adults.

There is almost reality in what is being shown to people on both social media and magazines. Many celebrities are always shown on many online sources about having the perfect body and you never really see what is actually is behind the scenes. Some celebrities are bad influences and some even encourage drugs and alcohol. According to New York Post, the poll shows that Snoop Dogg has the most photos that contain drugs and alcohol. In addition, Kate Moss, one of the most famous models once said ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.’ Therefore, the wrong way of diets are always and still being promoted and many young people feel pressured into looking like the celebrities. Most young people set their goals on being rich and famous. There are a very few people who become successful in these industries. Real life struggles are never shown in any media coverage which gives people an unrealistic perspective.

As a result, the influences of celebrities could give both advantages and disadvantages to many people disregard of their ages. This is what the society should be more concerned and think carefully in doing what they see online.


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