Social Media in Culture by Nelida

Finding a topic for this was challenging, not because there’s no choices but because there are so many! We are surrounded by popular culture, it’s everywhere. One of the biggest popular culture trends that mostly everyone seems to be part of is the internet and social media. We have so many social media choices like Instagram, Facebook, snapchat, dating cites like Tinder and EHarmony and so much more! There is pretty much an app for anything these days. Social media and the internet has most definitely changed our culture. It would be interesting to closely look at it as a class because we all pretty much take part in it.

There are obviously many positives to social media. It has completely changed the way we live and interact. We can easily communicate with people anywhere in the world and this was not possible years back. We have unlimited ways to meet and interact with people over the internet and all the social medias. People have met love partners, made friends, and can keep in touch with whomever they want because of social media and the internet. We have accesses to a complete different world with just a touch of a finger. It’s crazy how much social media and the internet have developed in just a few short years. It has become a creative way of living. There are many more positives to social media and the internet that we could explore and find.

Along with positives there are also many negatives that come with the internet and social media. We have touched base on some of the negatives of social media in class. But there are so many more that affect each one of us every day. For example, we took that survey at the beginning of class of how much time we spend on phones and computers. Our average as a class was very high. The amount of time we spend on social media is a huge factor about the way it has changed our culture. We have unlimited interactions with people on social media but we have lost the interaction with people that are around us in person. We all seem to be addicted to the time we spend on social media and the internet and has changed the way that we live.

Social Media also tends to focus on the millennials. We are always up to date on everything but not from watching the news but from receiving the information from our social medias. It seems like there is a whole new life on social media. One of the many examples of social media is Snapchat. We can share videos of our lives to anyone. We can also watch snapchats of whoever we want even celebrities. It’s amazing in way because its makes you feel connected to these people and we can share what we see within seconds. It would be interesting to explore what the positives and negatives of this is are. Also, how it is affecting younger generations.

Social media and the internet have become a part of our culture. There are both cons and pros to the way it has changed the way our culture lives. As a class, we can explore so much of this because it surrounds us every day. Regardless if we all use it or not it affects us. The development of social media has helped us expand our communication in endless ways. It has become a space where people can be who they want to be and say whatever they want to say. We can interact in so many ways now and that is amazing. However, there are negatives to everything and social media and the internet have some. The impact of social media and internet is worth studying because it has completely changed our culture and the way we live.


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