Internet and Pop Culture: How to Handle it Wisely? by Annur

A television show that was broadcast in only America kept the culture group relatively small. But a Web site can reach anyone with computer access. In the past, pop culture was spread through print, radio, movies or television. It now has penetrated this newest form of media, the Internet.

– Jennifer Farlor

It is interesting to see how a culture is being spread out by a vast network line- internet to the places around the globe. It’s also good to see how the internet has evolved over the time. For most people, the internet has everything that they need in life. The Internet has information that you need for school assignments, the internet provides the space for you to show off your talents such as YouTube and the internet also save your time to connect with people. What else can the internet offer? The benefits are limitless. So why do I think the internet is a cultural phenomenon and why it playssuch an important role in our modern society?

a-business-benefit-from-a-good-broadband-connection2The Internet is created as a medium to connect a user to a vast network line. The Internet is the most powerful invention and if it used in the good direction, it can prove to be very rewarding. It helps to ease our difficulties and fulfill our needs. But the problem that is arising now is people are too depending on the internet to the extent that we can’t survive without it. It’s integral and has become a major part of our life.

As I mentioned before, it’s evident that the internet has brought a lot of advantages and benefits to its user. But we can’t push away the facts that the countless negative effects that come along with it. Internet obsession could cause inactivity to its user. For example, teenagers who play online video games or scrolling their social media such as Instagram and Facebook all day. People who spend most of the time with devices and access to the internet would keep doing it and immersed in this virtual entertainment world.  People would tend to neglect their responsibilities in the real world and disregard people around them.

This would cause another negative effect which is lack face to face communication. Albeit the internet being the medium for people to stay connected with people in other places, but the reality is it creates the distance with people who are close to them. In addition, there’s a lot more negative effects caused by internet misconduct such as cyber bullying, sexual exploitation, disturbance of privacy, and countless health issues.

flat800x800070fIn regards to popular culture, the internet also has created a trend such as online marketing. I’m a business major and I’ve learned how powerful internet could be in the business world. Nowadays, everything is connected to the internet. We need to know that our information and our preferences as a customer are valuable in the business world. Every business wants to know what our demand is? What product would we prefer more than the other? What don’t we like about certain things? That is why sometimes our personal information is being sold to gain profit. That example has shown how our privacy is being invaded and how important internet plays its role in it.

All in all, these problems are pervasive in our society. This is the reason why I think the internet is a big cultural phenomenon in popular culture. It brings so many changes to the world; both goods and bads. Everyone would like the good part, who doesn’t like all the advantageous that this powerful invention has brought to the world? However, we can’t be ignorance about the negative effects that are happening around us. These can be avoided if we as the user know our rights and how to handle it wisely. It’s essential for everyone to learn about the limit of the internet and direct its usage in a positive way.



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