Social Media by Amber


The way social media has changed the whole universe is in a rapid speed and truly has a dramatic effect. Social media has been dominating a big part in our lives that we can not even imagine spending a day without it. How has social media changed our interpersonal relationship?  Social media is a huge part of our culture that is growing every day. It offers us a chance to remain close with others in ways that were once nearly impossible, and social networking sites like Facebook, Messenger, and Skype are becoming ever more popular. It keeps family and friends connected, opens up opportunities to meet new people, and it improves existing relationships. It also allows for global interaction with people from different backgrounds. Through social networking, we can establish friendships with people around the world and maintain our relationships in our daily lives.

It sounds appealing of how the significant amount of convenience social media has brought into our lives. Ironically, people nowadays are more concerned about our own popularity accumulated, who got more followers and likes. Someone captured a scene on the ceremony and people were all taking pictures so as to post to show the best them, get more likes, and sink deeper into that addicted own unrealistic world. In other words, they were living in the virtual worlds instead of actually enjoying in the moment. I also watched Season 3 episode 1 of Black Mirror, as others recommended. There’s a dystopian world where everything is based on your rating, you have more privileges if you got higher rate. On the contrary, lower rate means your life is restricted, being judged until you regain high rate again.  

Personally, I am not against nor fond of social media. The fact is we now have many more chances to maintain our relationships than we ever have before, but it’s slowly ruining the quality of our lives, our own way of thinking, the unconscious addiction to the virtual world.


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