Social Media Popularity by Annur

Practically, social media is functioning as a platform for users to interact with each other on a virtual basis.  It is true that by using social media we can keep connected with someone that is far away from us. But from a different perspective, social media is affecting our physical relationship with people around us. We need to consider how it has changed our social life with people around our circle.

Social media could affect the user mentally. The addiction and obsession to use social media can lead the user to dissociate with the society. It also can change one’s personality because of the desire to reach out this high level of popularity on social media. The user tries to be attractive and fun on the social media with the hope to make the followers to like them back. Sometimes, the user uses the social media as a platform to be someone who they don’t get to be in real life. They want to look perfect, flawless and fun for the followers that they don’t even know exist or not. It is a nature of a human being to be the center of attraction and it’s unchangeable for some people.

In my opinion, I believe that social media is actually one of the strangest phenomena that are happening in today’s modern society. Based on the idea by Le Guin of the future being a metaphor for the present, social media is totally a good example for that. We can’t predict what is going to happen for the next 100 years if the usage of social media nowadays becoming more powerful and advanced in society. This trend would eventually lead to a society that is shaped up based on social media popularity. Black Mirror: Nosedive episode would actually happen if people keep behaving in the same way towards the future. For instance, you can’t befriend with someone that has a higher rate on social media, or maybe it is going to be hard for you to find a job because the only thing that future employers are going to look is your popularity and influence on social media. My examples seem too harsh for it to actually happen in real life but it is slowly happening around us.

It is hard to get away or stop using social media. Even if we stop using one, we still need it for other purposes. We can’t deny the unlimited benefits that we’ve gained by using this virtual platform. Social media is undeniably a base of connection, where everything is related in a complex web.


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