Social Media Relationships By Michael

In the modern day many people are creating this idealised version of themselves through the different social media tools out there. Following the topic outlined in the first set of readings, we are influenced to show ourselves as the ideal version, rather than who we really are. It is much easier to make some post online saying how great life has been, or talk about things that we find interesting. It is much harder for someone to show the other side of their life, with the good and the bad being shown, as it is everyday for us. The bad things that happen to us are shown online, but only the most impactful, the things that are considered as necessary for others to know about you. It creates a version of you that has all the extremes of your life shown to others, but not so much of the everyday things, in the general case. There are those who do show more of their real self through social media, however that is not the first response we have when posting online.

This hyper-reality view on others lives causes a shift in our relationships, where only certain things are shared to others online. This is part of the reason why if you leave friends when moving somewhere, you don’t always have the same connection to them that you did when you saw them in real life. Those friends give off more of a nostalgic feeling, that you are just looking at what happened rather than being a part of what is happening. That is why many long distance friendships or relationships don’t really work out so well, because we can’t feel as connected to the person when we aren’t actually there. The medium does allow us to have more “friends”, but are those really the same as a friend that is nearby, that you’re with in reality? For me, there is a vast difference between the two, that being able to relate and talk the same way isn’t as possible with social media tools.

Currently the best way to stay connected to people online is by using a voice-over ip tool, such as Skype, to have audio and video calls with someone. However, Skype isn’t as popular as Facebook, because Facebook is able to let a larger audience be able to see what you are doing. Social media isn’t exactly the best for real relationships with others, rather it is to allow a larger group of people that you aren’t as connected to, be able to see what you are doing. For instance, it allows all of your aunts, uncles, grandparents, and old classmates see what is currently happening with you, without needing to be in good contact with you. I believe that social media shouldn’t be seen as much as a way to connect with friends, but for everyone else to connect to you. It is a way to bridge the gap for people that don’t already know you really well to learn more about you. Sure, it may be informative for your friends to also watch what it is that you post, but friends should be people that have a better connection to you in some other medium besides social media alone.


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