Social Media and Relationship by Aria

In my opinion, social media has a significant impact on our daily lives. It can impact how we socialize, how we think, and how we make decisions. I do not think that there is a single person whose life has not been affected by social media in some ways. In my perspective, social media can both weaken our relationships or strengthen the bonds. It largely depends on the individuals and how much they are addicted to social media. I think that those who are spending more time staring at screens and surfing in social media, are less successful in making a good relationship and socialize in the real world. As an example, I was addicted to social media in my high school and spent several hours just staring at my phone. After some time, I could not make regular conversations with my classmates or talk to my teachers about my problems. I kind of forgot how to socialize and I reached a point where I realized I had few friends. So this can be one negative side of social media that weakens the real connections and relationships that exist in the real world. However, it can improve relationships too. If I did not have Instagram or Facebook, I could not connect to my friends in other cities and countries. without social media, I kind of would have disconnected from them forever. I think that most of our relationships, connections, and interactions should be throughout the real world not by social media because we can enhance our skills to socialize and make new friends which has a lot of benefits in many aspects of life.

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