About Emerging Mediums and the Changing Notion of Communication By: Alex

Innovations signify change, the invention of the internet revolutionized how the world operates, the invention of the automobile transformed transportation and urban design, and the discovery of electricity catalyzed other inventions which helped change society. It is important to question critically the impacts technologies have on individuals; much so, most of these inventions have harbored a human dependence on them. What would we do without the automobile, the light bulb, electricity and other various industrial components? Rightfully so, technologies have improved the conditions of life, and created opportunities for improvement and growth in humanity. However, when applications of technologies such as social media become a pervasive part of our social lives, transforming the way we interact with one another, it forces us to question exactly how social media changes people’s lives, and the culture of socialization. It is clear that social media and digital communication have changed the way we define socialization, as for some cases it is “a large part of the way that [we] interact” (“When Social Media”).

Because communication is highly dependent on emotional cues, whether through facial and or vocal expression, it is less hard to be misunderstood when speaking in person. And because the medium is the message, it without question that when digital communication strips away emotional and subconscious cues, the medium of communication is altered and thus the message as well. I think people must be aware that sometimes other channels of interaction constitute a specific form of communication, consequently we cannot become accustomed to a form of communication which hinders our ability to express ourselves effectively and naturally. Certainly, we should use other mediums of exchanging information as tools to reach out to others, but we must be mindful of which approach of communication is most appropriate for the certain situation, and not become too reliant on any form of medium communication.


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