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Mass Media and Technology causing Isolation

By: Kaleah Walterman Every time we go out to eat dinner, or meet someone at a coffee shop, almost always we see people on their phones instead of being engaged with other people in conversations. In my personal experience, I … Continue reading

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Music In Movies

by Rebecka Landowski Music in movies has come an extremely long way since the beginning of the moving picture. Movies started as moving pictures only.  Black and white film and no sound.  After the 1930s, when sound and music were … Continue reading

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Evolution of Censorship on TV and the role of Family Guy by Carlea Sundin

It seems silly to think that in the 1940’s, a featherless cartoon bird was deemed too inappropriate for television, or that in the 1950’s the cameras filming Elvis Presley had to cut to a close up shot so to hide … Continue reading

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By: Vanessa Tshionyi

Female Leads in Television In the beginning of television, women were represented in stereotypical roles, usually dainty-house makers, who didn’t speak up against their husbands.  Slowly the image of women began changing, getting stronger, voicing their opinions, becoming sexually liberated. … Continue reading

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Topic Selection Paper: America’s Obsession with Serial Killers – By Carlea Sundin

Topic Selection             As I read the guidelines for this paper, one of the examples listed regarding serial killers stuck out at me. Uncovering America’s fascination with serial killers and the role they have within our culture would be a … Continue reading

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By: Rebecka

Instagram in Popular Culture Instagram is a relatively new photo-sharing smart phone app that launched in 2010.  The app allows users to share pictures and short videos with their “followers.”  Users are able to apply different “filters” that give the … Continue reading

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Baseball Advertisement by Frank

The piece I chose to reflect on is an advertisement regarding the postseason play of Major League Baseball. I chose this pop culture piece because it features MLB team’s highlights by their star players as well as stadiums and flashbacks … Continue reading

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