Television Evolution by Samantha

Television has evolved in so many ways over time. Just as we as a society has evolved, television has evolved with us. In present day we have moved away from the traditional sense of men being more influential or powerful than women. Now we know that women can be just as successful as men and in many cases more. We understand that there are different types of peoples along with different relationships, for example homosexuals and transgender. Also television and film has evolved in how it depicts the future. As a society, we use to have this bright future to look forward to in our films, but now we are depicting our world as apocalyptic. This is due to the fact that our world has been undergoing serious climate change, we need to do something about this and slow it down. People need to take into consideration that our human race depends on our environment.

The evolution of television has also changed in the way it is represented. Movies and television shows nowadays can be found on the internet, game consoles, rented through DVD’s or through a Netflix account. The ways of reaching movies and shows are endless. In films and shows they depict certain ideologies and construct the meaning of their media through many different techniques that grabs viewers attention. Films, advertisements or television shows either try to send a message to believe one thing or resist another. If viewers already had the same view about what they are saying, it is used to help persuade viewers to believe other things as well. For example, if you believe in have a clean environment, you should also believe that the car they are selling is for you because they believe the same thing.

They have many techniques for example a certain color can bring about a certain mood; certain shapes give off different vibes and so forth. There are many hidden techniques that moviemaker’s use that we may not even be aware is working on us. These techniques are also used in advertisements, the fact that advertisements have so many jolts and shocks can really affect our mental state. These factors along with many others including noise and information overload can really hinder our natural thought process in ways we do not understand.

Another thing that has changed in the years is that reality television has become extremely popular. I think this has to do with our over fascination with people in popular culture. For example, many people know what is going on in the Kardashians lives but do not know real world issues because they are more intrigued with celebrities. Reality television has become big because we allowed it to consume us.


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